Ridgelyne Medium Roast whole bean 1/4lb

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certified genuine No. 1 grade whole bean medium roast 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee
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1/4 lb (114g) sealed heavy foil bag in burlap, with one way vacuum valve to ensure freshness, medium roast certified genuine No. 1 grade Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee

Brand: Ridgelyne

Certified Roaster: Coffee Solutions Ltd.  (Jamaica)

Acidity (1-10) 0

Roast Strength (1-10) 5

Considered a medium roast by Jamaican standards and taste this coffee is at the lighter end of the medium roast.  If you prefer a full bodied yet delicate taste this coffee is ideal.

A beautiful coffee, sweet toned and delicate, a hint of citrus and a touch of nuts (cacao and nutmeg come to mind).  Silky and rich with flavour, with a consistent velvet aftertaste.  This is Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

This coffee is grown on well protected mountain slopes where the berries are allowed to ripen to perfection, then carefully selected, expertly processed and roasted to the most discerning standards to bring out that exquisitely distinctive flavour of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee. Each bean is hand inspected prior to roasting to ensure perfection.

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