We are proud to provide our customers and donors with a fund raising update.  If you would like to learn more about our support for Guava Ridge Basic School please visit here and here

We donate 2.5% of our sales towards the school and that donation is matched by our roaster, Mr. Basil Jones owner of Coffee Solutions Ltd, Kingston Jamaica, and also matched by Ms. Marlene Grant, owner of Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation (disclaimer, Ms. Grant is also a company officer of Simple Industries Inc. and The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company Ltd.).  Many of our customers also provide much needed donations during their online purchase checkout.

Every child at the school now receives a breakfast snack if they haven't eaten yet, and a lovingly made, nutritious, home made hot lunch from the small school kitchen regardless of ability to pay.  Our next goal is to secure a new school as the school is currently housed in the remote local community center and has outgrown the space.    Thank you our customers and donors for your much needed support!

Disbursements to date:

  • January 2020 CDN$ 1,500
  • June 2019 USD $710
  • January 2019 USD $605

Read on to meet some of the children that are uplifted by your generous support! All of the children in the photos below had their parents or guardian sign an informed release to allow the photos to be published and school staff gave their permission.


Interview with Guava Ridge Basic School principal explaining their challenges 

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20180117 125805happy students



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 20190115 093027