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Simple Industries Inc., registered importer of Ridgelyne brand certified genuine 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

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Jamaica was very hard hit by Hurricane Sandy despite her being a Category 1 storm.  Fortunately the coffee industry was spared serious damage but electrical and communications infrasture suffered widespread damage.  Our home in St. Thomas parish suffered minor damage; as an example of the power of the storm we had floor tiles on the second floor shatter as the concrete structure of the house was actually flexing.

The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica reports that the 2011 crop has been sold out.  Our roaster has secured ample supply of the very best of the crop for our craft roasted Ridgelyne brand certified genuine 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

Many great people and things come from Jamaica.  Just look at Jamaica's incredible success in track and field at the London 2012 Olympics.  Jamaica is a small nation but when Jamaicans put their mind to something, be it track and field, coffee, rum or any number of unique and high quality Jamaican achievements, they demand the very best.


You can brew our Ridgelyne brand Jamaica Blue Mountain

50 years ago, August 6, 1962, Jamaica gained it's Independence from Great Britain.  A momentous occasion for anyone alive in Jamaica at the time and a great occasion for those born in Jamaica since.

Visits to Jamaica by Canadians has grown exponentially in the past few years.  Factors have included more and cheaper flights, improved resorts and unique and affordable holiday packages but above all the unique experience that is Jamaica.

If you enjoyed Jamaica Blue Mountain

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