Simple supply and demand is the cause of the recent rapid increase in the price of Jamaica Blue Mountain

The Jamaican Government has formed a Brand Infingement Task Force which is investigating and prosecuting counterfeiters of Jamaica Blue Mountain

Purchase our exquisite Ridgelyne brand 100% certified genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain

So what does that sticker on the back of our card top mean?  The best before date is by Jamaican regulations 1 year after date of inspection by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

The 2013 harvest of Jamaica Blue Mountain

We now offer gift certificates and will ship them free of charge anywhere in Canada of the USA.

Every purchase of 6 lb  or more of Ridgelyne brand certified authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee receives a free authentic licensed merchandise Bob Marley key chain.  Order now!

Many large established importers of Jamaica Blue Mountain

We have made our web store checkout even easier!  Our web store allows registration free  one page checkout that takes moments place an order.  You also have the option to share the products you purchase on Facebook with your friends.  Registered customers can also view their order history and copy previous orders to save time.

The Coffee Detective has reviewed our most recent shipment of Ridgelyne brand certified genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain

The Coffee Detective recently visited the coffee growing region of Jamaica and has published an introductory article with more to follow.  The installments of the Coffee Detective's articles about Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee are listed below.  Articles open in a new tab/window at the Coffee Detective's web site.

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