We recently purchased a Baratza Virtuoso burr coffee grinder for use at trade shows and other events where we serve our Ridgelyne brand certified genuine pure 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

baratzaAvailable around $219 it is a great value.  It is equipped with a commercial grade easily removed for cleaning conical burr set, has a heavy, sturdy base to prevent it moving about, utilizes the more expensive and better DC motor, and produces consistent grinds from Turkish powder to coarsest French press with over 40 settings.  Additional features include a straight down chute, pulse or timed grinding, anti static grounds bin, and a slow 450 rpm grinding speed which prevents giving the grounds a static charge or overheating them and damaging the coffee.

It also has a very long and high quality electric cord, which is a real plus when you may need to place the unit far from the nearest outlet.  While not whisper quiet the unit's low grinding speed helps keep noise to a reasonable level.  The unit is very easy to use and clean, and does not leave coffee grounds all over your work area. It holds over 1/2 a pound of coffee in the hopper  but we wouldn't recommend grinding more than you are about to brew.  It comes with a cleaning brush, cleaning beans (GrindZ cleaner) and a nicely printed manual.

It may seem expensive but if you like really great coffee this unit has features and a level of quality that would normally cost hundreds more.  We purchased ours from online retailer Creative Cookware and were very pleased with their order process, fast (and free over $59) shipping and overall purchase experience. They also ship to Canada and the USA from within each respective country ensuring that you do not end up with any Customs duties or other issues.

Baratza has a wealth of information on their products at their website even posting instructions on fine tuning the grinder should you ever need to.  We give this unit an A+.  To learn even more about the Virtuoso or their other grinders visit Baratza.

UPDATE:  We have used this several times at large events and found that because of the extremely consistent grind it produces we used 10% less coffee per pot to get the same exquisite taste from our Jamaica Blue Mountain