We have started a new lower pricing policy that we trust our loyal customers will enjoy.  Effective today our 1/4 lb and 1/2 lb packs will cost the same as the equivalent 1 lb packages.  If you buy four or more 1/4 lb packs or two or more 1/2 lb packs it will be the same total price per pound as one of our 1 lb packs.  We have always priced the smaller packages higher as fewer can fit in a shipping box and cost more to ship, however we have found efficiencies in our shipping that allow us to pass on the savings with this new pricing policy.  You can now buy smaller packs and gift or share and pay the same price as if you were purchasing a 1 lb package.  Buy now here.  If you have any questions please contact us.

We are offering our exquisite Ridgelyne craft roasted dark roast certified genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for  $4 per pound savings no minimum purchase. Visit the product page to purchase,  limited time offer.  Our dark roast is amazing, a work of love by our roaster it has none of the typical burnt taste so common to dark roasts.  Instead it has a chocolate creamy mouth feel with spice and tropics in the bouquet.

We recently received our largest order ever!  While many importers cannot source coffee we have lots of highest quality Ridgelye brand certified authentic 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

We want to let our American friends know that yes, you too can order from our website.  Now the good part.  Near the top right of our website is "currency".  Click it to change the currency to US dollars to get the approximate cost of your choices in your currency.  You will be surprised how much cheaper our certified authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee just became. We use the European Central Bank posted rates but your payment processor may charge more or less.

We offer UPS and Canada Post for USA orders.  Canada Post ships within the United States of America very affordably, reliably and without any addon customs brokerage charges.  Your order will be trackable.  We have reliably shipped hundreds of orders to the USA using Canada Post.


Simple supply and demand is the cause of the recent rapid increase in the price of Jamaica Blue Mountain

Just as the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee industry was set to harvest a great crop after 2 years of drought the unthinkable happened.   A huge flood of a Coffee warehouse in Kingston that stored a large portion of the 2015 crop.  While our supply was not affected it will unfortunately drive prices due to supply and demand.  

The Jamaican Government has formed a Brand Infingement Task Force which is investigating and prosecuting counterfeiters of Jamaica Blue Mountain

Now you can easily reorder with faster checkout!  Select "Account" and then "Orders" from the top menu drop down.  Log in to your account or enter your order number and your order password of a previous order.  These are in the top of the order email you received from us.  Using either method you will be able to select "Make Similar Order" to quickly recreate a new order.  You can add or remove items from the similar order if you desire.

So what does that sticker on the back of our card top mean?  The best before date is by Jamaican regulations 1 year after date of inspection by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

Your purchase of our craft roasted Ridgelyne brand certified authentic whole bean Jamaica Blue Mountain

We now offer gift certificates and will ship them free of charge anywhere in Canada of the USA.

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