We are so pleased to see 11 students from Guava Ridge Basic School in Jamaica graduate to Mavis Bank Primary School.  Simple Industries donates 7.5% of all sales to support the Guava Ridge Basic School high in the mountains of Jamaica. We donate 2.5%, our roaster Coffee Solutions of Kingston, Jamaica matches it, and our director Marlene L. Grant of Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation CPA matches it for a total of 7.5% of sales going to the school. (All of these students parents/guardians have agreed to publication of these photos.)  These children are so grateful for the help of our Companies, and you can always donate at https://www.simpleindustries.ca/shop-now/community-support/donation-to-guava-ridge-basic-school.html  Many of our customers also make donations which are much appreciated.

Our focus is providing school lunches for the students at Guava Ridge Basic School.  We are proud to have provided school lunches for many years and will continue to do so.  If you can donate, rest assured it will provide a child with a meal.

guava ridge 2024 graduation

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Guava Ridge Basic School

We visited Guava Ridge Basic School high in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  The school started in the 1960's as community center. There are approximately 40 students in 3 classes from age 3 to 6 years old. The school draws students from a 12 mile radius in the very remote and mountainous Guava Ridge area. The school receives a subsidy for nutrition as meals are provided for the students, and the principal receives a small subsidy.  There are two other assistant teachers.  Almost all of the funds to operate the school come from fundraisers and donations as most of the parents cannot afford to pay the school fees. 

Our coffee roaster and another foreign importer have also been providing financial support. The children have no other options for education so we too have decided to support the school.  Commencing January 1, 2018 we will be donating 2.5 % of all of our sales of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to support the school our first disbursement to the school will be at the end of 2018.  If you would like to make a donation please contact us as we would be happy to assist.  Our Roaster in Jamaica will be matching our donation so 5% of all Canadian sales of Ridgelyne Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee will help support the school! UPDATE!!!  Generous donations by our kind customers and by us and our Roaster in Jamaica have now provided hot, home made on site school lunches for all of the children for the first quarter of this year.  Our goal is to provide the same lunches for the rest of the year.  Please consider a small donation.  Almost half of the children at the school are wards of the State from a nearby State care home.  Our goal is to provide all of the children with an education.  It was discussed and agreed by all parties that our next big goal will be to build a new school for the community.

We are pleased to announce that all of our shipping packaging and materials are 100% recyclable.  Our boxes and water activated box sealing tape, address information envelope and any bubble pack are all 100% recyclable.  To make it easier for our customers to recycle our shipping materials and packaging we will be phasing out bubble pack in favour of recycled and recyclable crinkled kraft paper.

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We are pleased to inform that with our partners and our generous customers we delivered $CDN 1,500 to the Guava Ridge Basic School high in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  These funds will be used to provide breakfast and lunch for the children at the school.  All of the children are between 3 and 6 years old.

Just as the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee industry was set to harvest a great crop after 2 years of drought the unthinkable happened.   A huge flood of a Coffee warehouse in Kingston that stored a large portion of the 2015 crop.  While our supply was not affected it will unfortunately drive prices due to supply and demand.  

We are proud to provide our customers and donors with a fund raising update.  If you would like to learn more about our support for Guava Ridge Basic School please visit here and here

We donate 2.5% of our sales towards the school and that donation is matched by our roaster, Mr. Basil Jones owner of Coffee Solutions Ltd, Kingston Jamaica, and also matched by Ms. Marlene Grant, owner of Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation (disclaimer, Ms. Grant is also a company officer of Simple Industries Inc. and The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company Ltd.).  Many of our customers also provide much needed donations during their online purchase checkout.

Every child at the school now receives a breakfast snack if they haven't eaten yet, and a lovingly made, nutritious, home made hot lunch from the small school kitchen regardless of ability to pay.  Our next goal is to secure a new school as the school is currently housed in the remote local community center and has outgrown the space.    Thank you our customers and donors for your much needed support!

Disbursements to date:

  • January 2020 CDN$ 1,500
  • June 2019 USD $710
  • January 2019 USD $605

Read on to meet some of the children that are uplifted by your generous support! All of the children in the photos below had their parents or guardian sign an informed release to allow the photos to be published and school staff gave their permission.

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We are very proud to announce that Simple Industries/The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company (Canada) has partnered with our Master Roaster and provider of the exquisite Ridgelyne brand,  Coffee Solutions Inc. of Kingston Jamaica.  We will now donate 2.5% of all of our sales to the Guava Ridge Basic School and Coffee Solutions will match our donation.  That means that 5% of all Canadian sales of certified genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee Ridgelyne brand will support the school.  You can purchase from us with confidence that we are giving back to the a community in the region where our coffee is grown.  You can also donate directly here 

UPDATE!!! We visited the school and will be providing a photo update soon, but the great news is that our generous customer donations and our 5% of Canadian sales donation has provided all the children at the school with a home cooked lunch, on premises, for the first quarter of 2019.  Our next goal is to raise funds to be able to provide for the rest of the year.

NEW FUNDRAISING  DONOR!  Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation of Ottawa, Canada, a CPA and CGA Accounting firm has agreed to match the Simple Industries/Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company Ltd. 2.5% donation to Guava Ridge Basic School.  DISCLAIMER: Ms. Grant is also a Company Officer, Vice President with Simple Industries and The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company Ltd.

GOAL UPDATE!  Our goal is to provide all of the children with an education. Almost half of the children are Wards of the State from a nearby State care home for small children.  It was discussed and agreed by all parties that our next big goal will be to build a new school for the community.


Your purchase of our craft roasted Ridgelyne brand certified authentic whole bean Jamaica Blue Mountain

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