A good drip coffee maker will produce a great brew but you don't have to spend a lot to get a good drip coffee maker. Look for the following features: uses a spray head, not a simple drip, in order to evenly saturate the ground coffee. uses a permanent filter--yes, you have to clean it but the paper filters are not environmentally friendly and can impart undesirable flavours to the brew. utilizes a thermal carafe and a heating element that turns off when the brew cycle is complete. 

If this isn't in your budget, consider buying an inexpensive thermal carafe to pour your brewed coffee in to and don't forget to preheat the carafe with boiling or hot water before pouring it in. Press pots are inexpensive, easy to use and produce a fantastic brew.  Percolators also do a nice job.  Use whatever you prefer as the quality of your beans will be far more important than having the latest coffee equipment.

We even show you how to use a Keurig single cup brewer with our coffee here.

Here is a video courtesy of The Coffee Detective showing how to use a press pot or "French" press to make a great cup or pot of coffee.  It's our personal favourite way to make coffee on a weekend or when entertaining.  We feel you just can't make a better pot of coffee than with a press pot and it's amazingly simple.


As The Coffee Detective points out in the video glass bottomed pots without legs present  a breakage and scalding hazard.  However an easy work around is to use a cork trivet  (a flat cork disk) available at dollar stores to rest the press pot on.  We have used this method with great success at busy trade shows and events using inexpensive press pots that are just as functional as expensive models.