Brewing Jamaica Blue Mountain

We recommend that you brew your first pot of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee much stronger than you normally would brew coffee.  This way you can add boiled water to the cup to dilute to your taste.  If you brew it too weak you have wasted the pot.  This way you can discover the perfect ratio for your taste buds.  With that in mind, we have found the following ratios to work very well and with no waste. All references to cups are to 6 ounce (the standard in the coffee world).

Coffee Makers

Everyone has their favourite coffee maker but it might not be the best. of it's type.  Use whatever method you prefer, whether percolator, press pot or drip.


Grinding your coffee immediately before brewing with even an inexpensive blade style grinder will produce superior results to buying pre-ground coffee.  Why?  Even with the best processing and packaging pre-ground coffee will be exposed to air in the ground state during processing.

Storing coffee

Store your opened bag of coffee in a cool, dark place, and you may wish to freeze it.  Our Jamaica Blue Mountain┬« coffee comes in a vacuum sealed heavy bag with a one way vacuum valve making it ideal for freezing.