Yield: 50 to 55 cups per pound depending on brew method.

Brand: Ridgelyne

Certified Roaster: Coffee Solutions Ltd.  (Jamaica)

Acidity (1-10) 4

Roast Strength (1-10) 9

This Peaberry grade is the smallest size Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee bean available.  Peaberry beans are harvested from the same coffee trees as our other coffees but are unique as the bean is much smaller.  Peaberry beans represent less than 3% of the already small annual harvest of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.  Our roaster recommends trying it in a ratio of 1 part Peaberry to 3 parts medium roast for a truly unique coffee experience.

This coffee is grown on well protected mountain slopes where the berries are allowed to ripen to perfection, then carefully selected, expertly processed and craft roasted to the most discerning standards to bring out that exquisitely distinctive flavour of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee® coffee.  Each bean is hand inspected prior to roasting to ensure perfection.