Trademark of Coffee Marks Ltd wholly owned subsidiary of the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.  Used by licence. Unauthorized use strictly forbidden.

Many retailers, online and brick and mortar knowingly or unwittingly market and sell coffee as Jamaica Blue Mountain® that simply is not.  If the retailer is not a licensee of the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica you likely are not getting the real thing. You can purchase from us with confidence, 



Coffee is grown all over Jamaica but only coffee grown in a precise geographic region, at specified altitudes using specified methods, monitored. taste tested, quality and safety inspected and approved by the Board as Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee can be sold as such.

As with any premium product counterfeit product is an ongoing problem and is being actively fought by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica and licensed importer/retailers like us.


triple logoSimple Industries Inc. is the importer and our retail subsidiary is The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Comany Ltd and we are a registered foreign importer and trademark licensee of the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.  We are authorized by the Board to use the trademark "Jamaica Blue Mountain®", the registered trademark image top left, and to import and market Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee and will gladly provide copies of our licence and other documentation to assure our customers of the legitimacy and authenticity of our products.

The licensing of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee requires that any entity selling it must be registered with the CIB in order to ensure the consumer of the product they are purchasing, even a local coffee shop.  Simple Industries is actively seeking discerning coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and others interested in obtaining a sub licence that we can legally issue.

We are licensed by Coffee Solutions Inc. of Kingston Jamaica.  

Some warning signs that  you might not be buying authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee:

  • Product is priced well below normal market price.
  • Retailer does not provide licence details or provides only copies of packaging or packaging labels.
  • Product is being described as a blend, Jamaican coffee, or Blue Mountain or Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee instead of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.
  • Product is contained in low quality packaging.
  • Product is being sold as green beans.


The quality of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is world renowned.  Every batch of our coffee has been tested by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica for dozens of factors including pesticide residue, blind taste testing, audited quality control and an audit trail right back to the grower.  You can be assured of the extremely high quality with the simple words....Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee

If in doubt you should contact the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica through their website at  The Board will gladly respond to your query and inform you if you are buying genuine authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.