You can purchase from us with confidence we are licensed by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

We offer only Ridgelyne brand 100% pure Premium Grade Number 1 certified genuine whole bean Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.  No blends, pre-ground or instant. 

We carry only Ridgelyne whole bean certified 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee as we firmly believe that you will not experience everything a coffee has to offer unless it is ground shortly before brewing.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is 100% genuine and pure. No additives, fillers or impurities. Ridgelyne is craft roasted by a master craftsman with an attention to detail rarely seen in the coffee industry.  Taste the craft!

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Why Ridgelyne?

Our Ridgelyne brand certified genuine 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is sourced, processed, inspected, roasted and packaged by our Master Roaster and cupper, Coffee Solutions Ltd. of Kingston Jamaica.  We receive our coffee by air freight, not cheaper ocean shipping that exposes the coffee to extreme temperatures and we store it in optimal conditions.

We and Coffee Solutions conduct our businesses ethically and with considerable support to the communities and peoples that we depend upon. 

We have sampled hundreds of pounds of orders of Ridgelyne and found it to have the consistently highest quality produced by an artisan who is a master of his craft.

A Jamaican Experience

Our Ridgelyne brand certified genuine 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is the true Jamaican coffee experience.  A rich and heady cacao breeze wafts up to your nose upon opening the package, your eyes see every perfectly roasted, uniformly beautiful bean. The brewed cup pleases your palate with the taste of an incredible coffee that is part mist, part sunshine, part black gold and completely the very best coffee on Earth!


Our certified Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is roasted upon us placing an order and then sent to the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica for approval for export, a rigorous process that tests every aspect of the coffee including the packaging.  Upon approval Coffee Solutions Ltd. same day or over night air freights it to us in Ottawa, Canada.  It does not sit in shipping containers for weeks, is not shipped by sea, and does not sit in a freight forwarder's warehouse for days or weeks before arriving. 

Affordable luxury

One pound will yield between 50 and 60 cups depending on taste, costing 67¢ to 80¢ cents per cup making it one of the cheapest luxuries a coffee lover can enjoy.  Compare to $1.40 and up for coffee at chain coffee shops for, at best, average coffee.

Why so expensive?

Why is authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee so expensive?  In order to produce the most exquisite coffee on earth it is grown under extremely difficult conditions, only the very best ripe coffee cherries are hand picked, subjected to strict quality control that results in yield per acre of 10% of regular coffees, and all parties, including us, involved in  the production and sale must undergo a stringent licensing and audit process to protect the consumer and the quality and integrity of the brand. 

Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee  is grown from the delicate and difficult to grow uniquely pure Jamaican variant Arabica bean in strictly specified areas at specified altitudes with intense quality  control.

Every single bean of our Ridgelyne brand 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee has been hand picked only when fully ripe, carefully processed using no chemicals, and every single bean has been carefully examined by  real person  prior to roasting to ensure the very best coffee. 

Quality Assured by Certification

trademark bakThe Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica ensures the integrity, quality, and approves for export our Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.  If the coffee and retailer are not CIB approved, you aren't buying genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

All of our coffee has a trademark of authenticity, batch code and a "best before date" stamped by the certified Jamaican roaster.

Our premium product is Ridgelyne Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee produced by a Master Roaster in Kingston, Jamaica.  Coffee Solutions Ltd. is our premiere supplier of the very best Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica certifies all or our Ridgelyne brand.  We do not sell cheaper coffee roasted outside of Jamaica as even if Blue Mountain beans are used the product has not been subjected to the stringent requirements of the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board and thus cannot be sold as Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is inspected, graded, processed, quality assured and approved for export by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica which ensures that the coffee is not only grown and harvested from the specified geographic region and altitudes of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica but also meets the stringent quality control requirements of the Act to be sold as Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

The CIB carefully monitors all production and export of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee to prevent counterfeit or substandard product.  In fact the CIB owns the trademark and only coffee approved by the Board can legally be sold as Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

Fairness for farmers

Ridgelyne brand Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is sourced exclusively from farmer friendly coffee dealers and mills.

The green coffee beans that are used to produce  Ridgelyne brand Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee are only purchased from coffee mills that actively support small farmers and their communities.  Our roaster, Coffee Solutions Ltd., in turn also supports small farmers and their communities in a variety of ways. Farmers of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee receive the highest share of the wholesale price of their coffee of any coffee farmers in the world.  When you purchase our Ridgelyne brand you are helping to support small farmers and communities that have made growing coffee a way of life, and of earning a living, for hundreds of years.

The nitrogen rich soil at the required elevations in addition to the moisture rich clouds sweeping over the mountains in the evening and folding away as the morning sun rises, in addition to recurrent hurricanes and tropical storms causes something magical to happen in this difficult Arabica bean that produces a low acid, no bitterness yet incredibly full bodied satisfying coffee that has to be tasted to be appreciated.  Our farmers receive 70% of the export price of our Ridgelyne brand, the highest proportion of any coffee farmers.

Some fun history

One of the many secrets behind Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee's exceptional qualities is due to it's breeding and lineage.  All Jamaica coffees are descendants of a two fragile Arabica Typica plants given by the Govenor of Martinique to the Governor of Jamaica as a gift in 1723.

According to another legend, the original plant, only one of three to survive, was bound for Martinique or Hispaniola and landed in Jamaica through a chain of fateful events. These events all point to Governor of Jamaica Sir Nicholas Lawes as the individual who delivered the first coffee plant to Jamaica.

The first cultivation began at the foothills of St. Andrew Parish and quickly grew deep into the fertile Blue Mountains. On the establishment of coffee plantations in the Blue Mountain range things take a turn for the extraordinary, resulting in today's exquisite and rare Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.