We are so pleased to see 11 students from Guava Ridge Basic School in Jamaica graduate to Mavis Bank Primary School.  Simple Industries donates 7.5% of all sales to support the Guava Ridge Basic School high in the mountains of Jamaica. We donate 2.5%, our roaster Coffee Solutions of Kingston, Jamaica matches it, and our director Marlene L. Grant of Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation CPA matches it for a total of 7.5% of sales going to the school. (All of these students parents/guardians have agreed to publication of these photos.)  These children are so grateful for the help of our Companies, and you can always donate at https://www.simpleindustries.ca/shop-now/community-support/donation-to-guava-ridge-basic-school.html  Many of our customers also make donations which are much appreciated.

Our focus is providing school lunches for the students at Guava Ridge Basic School.  We are proud to have provided school lunches for many years and will continue to do so.  If you can donate, rest assured it will provide a child with a meal.

guava ridge 2024 graduation