We are pleased to inform that with our partners and our generous customers we delivered $CDN 1,500 to the Guava Ridge Basic School high in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.  These funds will be used to provide breakfast and lunch for the children at the school.  All of the children are between 3 and 6 years old.


Most are children of coffee labourers in the Blue Mountains.  There is currently a downturn in the industry as there is a surplus of harvested beans stored so there is no employment available for many of these children's parents.  Breakfast was not normally provided but children have been arriving to school hungry and asking for food so we are supporting the provision of breakfast.

Below is an interview with the School Principal and Ms. Grant, my spouse.  It was very windy that day. Below that are more videos and photos of very eager to learn and happy children.  All videos and photos were taken with signed informed permission granted by the children parents.