The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company Ltd.

Welcome to Simple Industries Inc. and The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company Ltd. importers and purveyors of certified genuine pure 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee. 

Simple Industries Inc. is a registered foreign importer and trademark licensee of the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica which ensures the integrity and quality of our Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.  The Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Company Ltd. is our retail subsidiary.

We are licensed with the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. We are also licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. View our license here. We can ship your order anywhere in Canada, the U.S.A. and international destinations.

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Simply the best certified genuine pure 100% jamaica blue mountain® coffee

We import and sell only the Ridgelyne brand of whole bean certified genuine pure 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee in 1/4, 1/2 and 1lb packs starting at $16.99

Ridgelyne is the highest quality Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee available, produced by a master roaster with decades of experience in producing such a fine coffee and with an attention to quality far beyond what is mandated in the Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee industry.

Our Ridgelyne brand certified genuine pure 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee has no additives, no fillers, and is not blended.  Each package contains only the very finest roasted certified genuine pure Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee beans. Learn more about our coffee.  Our Ridgelyne brand embodies the true Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee experience.

The most exquisite and sought after coffee on Earth


What is Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee?  It is an extremely high quality and rare, difficult to produce and obtain coffee noted for it's wonderful delicate and complex full body, zero acidity, and a smooth, heady aftertaste.

My wife and I first tasted Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee at a fine Ottawa, Canada establishment some years ago where it was seven dollars per cup.  Born and raised in Jamaica my wife had never tasted it, and being a tea drinker I wasn't fond of coffee.  After that evening in an Ottawa restaurant, we both fell in love with Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.

On a trip to Jamaica several years ago to visit family we secured a supplier of the scarce and exquisite Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.  We haven't stopped visiting Jamaica or importing Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee since, and that is how Simple Industries Inc. came to be.

Our certified genuine pure 100% No. 1 grade Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is whole bean, medium or dark roasted.  We receive our coffee directly from Jamaica by air freight to ensure freshness and quality.  Our  Ridgelyne brand is produced by Coffee Solutions Ltd. of Kingston Jamaica, a Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica certified producer, roaster and exporter of immense expertise. Personally sourced and roasted by our supplier, Mr. Basil Jones of Coffee Solutions, a master roaster and taster with decades of knowledge, skill and expertise in the Jamaican coffee industry.

Farmer Friendly

The green coffee beans that are used to produce Ridgelyne brand Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee are purchased only from coffee mills that actively support small farmers and their communities.   Coffee Solutions Ltd., roaster and producer of Ridgelyne in turn also supports small farmers and their communities in a variety of ways. Farmers of Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee receive the highest share of the wholesale price of their coffee of any coffee farmers in the world.  When you purchase our Ridgelyne brand you are helping to support small farmers and communities that have made growing coffee a way of life, and of earning a living, for hundreds of years.


Don't be fooled by cheaper "Blue Mountain" blends.  Blends are just that, a blend of coffee beans with some (how many?) Jamaica Blue Mountain® beans and not just any coffee coming from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica can be labelled as Jamaica Blue Mountain®.  We don't sell blends.

Beans roasted outside of the approved Jamaican roasting houses are not subjected to the scrutiny,  strict quality control, audit trail and certification of the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica and therefore cannot legally be marketed as Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee.  This includes green beans exported and roasted abroad.

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee is processed, roasted, packaged and certified under the auspices and strict quality control of the Coffee Industry Regulation Act of Jamaica ensuring the authenticity of our products.  Every shipment is accompanied with a numbered and signed, inspection and quality control approval and export licence issued by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

To learn more about our coffee click here.  If you'd like to learn more about Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee in general, see this Wikipedia article.

Purchase certified genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee

A variety of shipping options are provided by Canada Post and UPS and we do not add handling fees or mark up shipping costs. If you are in the Ottawa area visit one of our local retailers.

Licensing is available for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and retail stores.

Brewing Tips:  We have a selection of coffee brewing and storage tips, as well as a list of our favourite hardware for getting the most out of your coffee.

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